is an Aviation Company, located in South-West Germany.

High standards will give our clients security, and security for requested activities.
Please contact us for further information.

Company Presentation

You can find detailled information about Advanced Aviation Logistics in the downloadable pdf-file of our company presentation.

Thank you very much for your kind interest.

Our Staff

Inge, Accountable Manager, General Manager
Jule, OPS + QM Assistance
Verena, Pilot FI, FSO
Paul, Pilot, Ferry Pilot, FOMgr Executive Manager, CRI
Arni, Pilot TRI/TRE, CAMO/TMgr, SM
Harry, Pilot, QM-Auditor
Falko, FoMgr Africa
Wolfram, Pilot
Robert, Pilot CRI/CRE
Helmut, Pilot, CRI/CRE
Werner, Pilot, GI D228
Andrius, Pilot
Franz, Pilot
Erik, Chief Engineer Class 1
Christoph, Pilot