NEW Propellers for Dornier D 228

RUAG AEROSPACE and ADVANCED AVIATION LOGISTIC had tested the first 5 blade composite Propeller for D 228 Series, developed by Muehlbauer / MT Propeller Germany.

Test Pilots:

  • Christof Grabmeier
  • Wolfgang Schwefel
  • Joachim Wirths

The D 228 - 202 K SN 8159 D-CAAW and SN 8152 D-CAAL are the first D 228 aircrafts fitted with this outstanding propellers. Since July 2007 is the D-CAAL  flying for NGO`s without any problems in Centralafrica!

Here the first field results  from the first period of using this new and outstanding technique during hard operation conditions in Africa:

  1. Easy battery start - no prime anymore...
  2. 100 LBS less fuel consumption per engine and flight hour - so the range increases up to 1500 NM!
  3. Silent aircraft, great minimizing of inside and outside  noise
  4. Better TO Performance...
  5. 80 kg´s less aircraft weight / mass

Interested...? Contact us for more information and/or   please check with RUAG AEROSPACE / and click MT- Propeller via Links and Friends for more information!