Mission profiles

Besides the operations for armed forces there were and there are several operations accomplished by Advanced Aviation Logistic, e.g.:
UN- peacekeeping and other missions in conflict areas:

  • Central Africa (cargo)
  • Ivory Coast / west African area (coast guard operations)
  • Congo (cargo-flights for NGO`s =Non Government Organisations)
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan (various operations)
  • Middle East (cargo & pax, various operations)
  • South America (various operations)

Operation Africa

We operate Dornier 228 and Cessna 208B aircrafts in Africa. We carry out on scheduled, non scheduled Charter flights and bush operation in the Central-African region.

Impressions Africa



This operation includes cargo transports, special operations for large-scale aid organizations such as the United Nations, and both scheduled passenger flights and charters.


Cargo operation 1
Cargo operation 2
Cargo operation 3
our fleet
The Ubangi R.C.A.
Bush pist
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Bria and Kids


Compagnie de Transport Aérien - Passagers et Fret

Siège social : B.P. 333 - Bangui  République CentrafricaineFon
(236)   61.40.69 - Fax  (236) 61.00.91 - Tlx 5275 RC

D228 in Central African region

Since July 2007 Advanced Aviation Logistic is operating D228 aircrafts in the Central African Region. This is the first and hard field test for the new 5 blade props build by MT-Propeller...