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C 208- Cessna Caravan Class Rating Course TRAINING DATES individually  ON REQUEST!

we received your request via our office per @-mail / fax. If you refer to our homepage www.aal-operations.org  you will become an idea about our company and it’s structure.

We have since 13 years experience on the model C 208. We know the AC very well.

This in reference to transatlantic  ferry flights, operations in Africa and pilot training in Europe.

Since 1996 we performed more than 220 Pilot Trainings in Europe!

Price Training C208

1. Ground Course

€ 3000,- for 1 course / maximum 6 pilots
€ 1500,- for 1 course single pilot / maximum 2 pilots
JAA approved Syllabus

2. Practical Course

Practical Course Tab

€ 1500,- Basic price for Practical Training
€ 600,- per day instructor - time flying
€ 350,- per day not flying – WX reasons / day off
€ 850,- Wet Flight hour C 208 per hour – in case our AC will be on duty
ALL Landing / Airway Fee 1 to 1 on your side
ALL travel costs on your side car km 0,30 € per km, or alternatively airline ticket
ALL hotel costs on you side (half pension)

You will need: 5 - 7 hours of practical training VFR
  7 - 10 hours of practical training VFR and IFR



Germany is joining the JAR-FCL System since May 2003. Our Syllabus is prepared in accordance with JAR -FCL Requirements.

Download Class Rating C208

pdf-file of our C 208- Cessna class rating


We had finished more than 125 Type rating-trainings worldwide on the Dornier 228 during the last eight  years. Our concept is very flexible. Usually we travel to our customer and we carry out the training on place. This is mostly more economic and effective for the operator. The pilots will receive a complete theoretical and on the companies aircraft a special practical training with very high standards and JAR-FLC certified TRTO Status. This includes the possible endorsement company  SOP`s  and  D 228 MCC crew coordination concept.

We like to work very close together with all involved civil aviation authorities and we had never acceptance problems in the past. Beside the training can every customer count on our further assistance like:

  • Providing Company Draft Type Training Manuals
  • Draft Company Checklists
  • Draft FOM Attachment B, D
  • Carry out of  Proficency Check Flights 
  • Further Operational assistance
  • If necessary Ferry / Delivery Flights
  • In needed Maintenance Acceptance / Test flights

We have carried out Dornier 228 training for pilots out of the following world regions:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Cape Verde Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Central African Republic
  • Kenya
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Luxembourg
  • West Africa
  • Pakistan
  • UAE
  • Gabon
  • France
Ceremony Thai Navy


Our Syllabus is prepared in accordance with JAR-FCL  Requirements and reflecting to this established EUROPEAN Standard we never had any  problems to perform trainings in foreign countries. However we could proceed along your CAA approved training program or your CAA will approve our program.

Usually we contact the responsible CAA prior any contract and release all our papers and documents / references to them. The authority  will approve usaully, because it will be hard to find a training facility with our worldwide training experience on type. With the beginning of the year 2002, the whole program was renewed and strictly adapted to JAR-FCL Regulations and TRTO Status of the company!

We perform training with experienced Class rating instructors for all kind of operations!

Werner Messner, Chief Ground Instructor / Engineer
Arni Neugebauer, Type Rating Instructor / Examiner
Helmut Appelfeller, Flight Instructor CRI/CRE,
Erik Baues, Ground Instructor

TYPE RATING / CLASS RATING Dornier Do 228 - 100 up to 212

Dornier Do 228 202 K with 5 blade propeller in Africa

Practical Training
Theoretical Training
Practical Training

General price information for Do 228 training - valid 2005-2006

€ 6000,- Ground Course/Theoretical training / one week (per 4 pilots )
€ 1500,- Basic Price for practical training and supervision
(includes theoretical refresher course plus basic MultiCrew Concept)
€ 600,- Practical training and Supervision
(Instructor day flying)
€ 350,- Instructor day NOT FLYING
(Wx reasons / day off on place / travel days)
€ 2000,- AAL-Multi Crew Concept + Wording connected with Supervision Flights
(incl documentation and learning files)

We are able to discuss flexible arrangements according the need of our customer!


Aircraft charges
Landing, Parking, Airway charges
Possible hotel accommodation for the instructor
Possible travel cost for the instructor / positioning
Possible day off costs and transportation costs for the instructor on place

CONTACT direct via OPS Address 

Download Type Rating / Class Rating Do228

pdf-file of our Do 228 type rating / class rating