Pilot Support

Extreme - Hot - High - Cold

Advanced Aviation Logistics provides pilot support for serval special operations.
Essential for this kind of operations are  the special pilot skills of Advanced Aviation Logistics pilots or the special aircraft performance of aircrafts, operated by Advanced Aviation Logistics.

We provide worldwide pilot support agreements. Especially in the aviation section of arial work and small airline business we are able to support you with very high performance pilots.

Pilots support on following Turbine Aircraft Types   Dornier Do 228
  Cessna Caravan C 208
  Pilatus Porter PC 6
  Shorts Skywan SC-7


Your aircraft will be flown by airline transport and commercial pilots, IFR experienced in several worldwide operations with a minimum of 2000 hours on PT-6 and Garret Engines. These high standards will give our clients security, guaranteed departures as well as security in requested activities.

Skywan SC-7


All our pilots receive a high altitude training with a pressurization chamber flight connected. The training takes place in Cologne performed by Dr. Lohn DLR German Aerospace Center!