German Aerospace Center 2000 - Alfred Wegener Institut

Pilot support for the Polar Expedition / 
Greenland, Spitzbergen June/July Nogramm 1999

Polar Expedition
Polar Expedition
Polar Expedition
Polar Expedition
Polar Expedition
Polar Expedition

Pilot Support

  • for the North Polar Expedition / Arktis / June-August 1999
  • for the South Polar Expedition / Antarktis / Nov 1999- Feb 2000
Adeli observer AC
Aircraft in Ice
Dep Antarktis
Kaiser Kolonie
p2+4 midnightsun
Weddle robbe


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Joachim Wirths, expert flight instructor on Cessna Caravans, arrives in Cannes, France

September 10, 2000: Amer Khashoggi and Joachim Wirths will be doing flight training for the next week on emergency procedures and unusual procedures with the Najaco Cessna Grand Caravan. The training includes: Aircraft Systems and Aircraft Checks in accordance to useful checklists; VFR Air work Training with real Emergency simulations; Local Area IFR Training; Flying in bad weather; Flying in mountainous terrain; Takeoffs and Landing on short strips; Low level flights below 50 ft; High altitude flight (FL 250) with oxygen; and de-ice system training. The purpose of this training is to prepare Capt. Amer Khashoggi for his world flight.

Advanced Aviation prepared Mr. Amer Khashoggi for his exciting adventure!

His intention is, to fly with a C 208 around the world with a landing in every country of our mother earth! Mr. Khashoggi is a very good pilot and he received a special flight training from us to be well prepared for his big event.
Refer to his homepage: