Forward Looking Infrared and AGSR OPS

Forward looking Infrared (FLIR-AGSR) 

Since 2005 we are able to fly FLIR / AGSR Missions with FLIR systems.

EASA certified for use on our C208 B's

Night Observation

We are able to transmit FLIR dates real-time via VHF or Satcom to stations on the ground.

Sagem DLSP

A light aircraft like a C 208 Caravan is able to fly all parameters required for major FLIR operations:

  • 7 hours airtime
  • Speed range between 55 and 165 KIAS
  • Bank rate up to 90 degrees
Low level 15ft AGL

C208 compared to helicopters

Compared to FLIR use via helicopters we will have the following advantages with the C 208 in use:

  • The C 208 speed up to 30 %  higher than with a helicopter in use
  • The C 208 operational cost is more than 50 % cheaper than a helicopter
  • The airtime is more than 40 % longer than with a helicopter in use
  • You will have no vibration artefacts in your video and imaging


  • The helicopter can stay steady with 0 KIAS in the air, this is the big + of helicopters
  • but this isn't needed in 98 % of FLIR missions!

Outlook FLIR / AGSR

We start to use alternatively the Dornier 228 for AGSR Operations beside the use of the Cessna C208 Caravan.

DO 228